Without a bold guess, Newton says, no great discovery can be made. Although not Newton heating, but standing on the starting point of 2016, looking to the future, the industry is still important to judge the trend. This period, this print invites expert of the industry inside course of study to comb ten big guesses for heating industry for us in 2016.

Guess one: will the heating and comfort home industry grow in 2016?
In 2015, Chinas heating and comfort home industry seemed to be in a difficult period of development, with most sectors declining. Then, in 2016, the whole industry will? In 2016 China bigualu gas heating industry trends, Specialized Committee director Wang Qi China civil engineering society, 2016, Chinese bigualu industry or usher in a slight rebound, but the overall industry growth may still weak. In 2016 to the industry trend, director of China Construction Metal Structure Association of radiation heating and cooling Commission Liu Hao believes that despite the 2016 Chinese heating industry will still face many problems in development, but also faces great opportunities: one is the quality and standard of floor heating construction enterprises is expected to establish a competitive advantage, two is the rise of emerging markets to a certain extent make up for the lack of northern engineering market. In 2016 the radiator industry trend, director Song Weimin China heating radiator Committee Construction Metal Structure Association believes that after the industry reshuffle, heating radiator industry will be; there is precipitation, systematic, strength and market reputation; excellent quality enterprises, and the development of the fine, intensive and systematic direction.
In 2016 Chinese electric heating industry trends, general manager of Anhui Anze Electric Co. Ltd. and Chengdu Zhang Junye anlt Cable Manufacturing Co., Chen Yiguang believes that in 2016, the electric heating industry will be more difficult, urgent national policies to support the development of electric heating industry.
Pessimistic attitude heating industry on the market in 2016 compared to a widely held, research center of low carbon building Chinese construction science research institute director Deng Gaofeng on 2016 China new industry optimistic, she thought, as we understand the haze on 2016, China, or will usher in the development of new industry.

Guess two: will there be more policies for the air source heat pump industry in 2016?
2015 can be described as air source heat pump industry good many years. Then, in 2016, there will be more conducive to the development of air source heat pump industry policies? Beijing city construction materials Association building heating branch secretary Jin Jizong said, at present, Beijing city is preparing 13th Five-Year; building energy planning, air source heat pump will be included and to promote. In addition to Beijing, Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning and other places will introduce appropriate measures to encourage the application of air source heat pump.
Chinas heat pump industry alliance Secretary General Song Zhongkui said that in 2016, air source heat pump is expected to be introduced into renewable energy category. By then, the air source heat pump and solar energy is expected to enjoy the same treatment.

Conjecture three: in 2015, Beijing issued restrictions on the use of traditional wall hanging furnace; will there be more local governments to introduce similar regulations in 2016?
In 2015, Beijing city has banned two below the level of energy efficiency of heating by gas hanging stove policy, people exclaim China bigualu cold curdling era industry will speed up. Then, in 2016, there will be other local governments introduced similar policies? Wang Qi analysis, has yet to pay attention to other local governments in the formulation of similar policies. However, given the growing emphasis on environmental protection, it is possible that other policies will limit emissions.

Conjecture four: in 2015, there are many wall hanging furnace enterprises involved in the new wind business; in 2016, will there be more enterprises involved in the new wind business?
Fresh air industry is one of the hottest industries in the near future. In 2015, there are a number of bigualu enterprises launched fresh products, in 2016, there will be more fresh air into the boiler manufacturers industry? Deputy general manager and general manager of Beijing Ruidian Energy Limited company Li Wei, Foshan city smales Kitchen Appliance Co. Ltd. and Guangdong nuok Li Guichu heating equipment limited company regional marketing director Wang Guangjie believes that business is fresh the boiler and air represent the general trend, in the channel, customers and other aspects of a high degree of coincidence, 2016, is bound to have bigualu more manufacturers join the industry.

Guess five: 2016, home heating or radiator market overall retail prices will continue to decline? If yes, what percentage will be lower and lower?
In 2015, the home heating company generally encountered terminal signing price decline brought pressure. Then, in 2016, the price pressure will continue to exist? Beijing Yate Weida Technology Co. general manager and chairman Song Weijun and Chongqing Esther HVAC Equipment Co. Xiong Yunqiao, general manager of Weinan green ring Geothermal Engineering Co., An Jianhui believes that the price will decline in 2016, home heating, related business day will be more sad. Bear Yun Qiao forecast, 2016, home heating prices will decline 20%. An Jianhui predicted that in 2016, home heating prices will drop by about 10%. Guo Chunyu, general manager of Chongqing warm times HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd. believes that in recent years, the home heating prices have dropped to near the cost price, if you continue to decline, warm or fully low-end.

Conjecture six: with the replacement of natural gas in 2015, the Yunnan market will become the hot market in 2016 in the South heating? How many sets of wall boiler heating system sales will be expected?
The little squirrel bigualu southwest regional director Li Guobiao believes that the current Kunming gas heating costs more than 3 yuan per cubic meter, with natural gas replacement work, is expected in the next 35 years, Kunming heating market will gradually mature. VAILLANT heating refrigeration Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Kunming branch director Li Jingru said, at present Kunming solar energy application is relatively common, coupled with the extreme cold weather is less, resulting in Kunming gas heating market develops slowly. Therefore, with the replacement of natural gas in Kunming, Kunming gas heating market is also difficult to explosive growth.

Guess seven: 2015, some heating companies closed down, in 2016, will usher in a large area heating company; closed, closed shop tide?
Song Weijun believes that because of excess capacity, in 2016 or more heating companies closed down or change careers. Guo Chunyu said that the company did not shut down the heating company will also be horizontal expansion of business, the future only pure heating company almost nonexistent.

Guess eight: in 2015 there have been a number of heating companies try to put financial mode into the industry, such as bank cooperation installment, return all property owners to install section, 2016, this kind of mode may open popular in the industry?
Zhejiang AI cat Network Technology Co., Ltd. founder Wu Xiu believes that in 2016, the industry of floor heating installment payment and consumer credit modes will be increased, such as the A cat mall is currently promoting consumer credit and pre payment of financial services. Tao Yong, general manager of Jiangsu good home comfort integrated company, believes that any financial model should meet consumer demand. For example, installment payments can meet some customer needs to some extent, but this model has a threshold, depending on the suppliers support. At the same time, this model does not become the competitiveness of enterprises, can only be used as a daily service, because the main factors that make customers decide to buy the product is the customers for the brand and quality of trust, rather than financial service.

Conjecture nine: in 2015, some well-known imported wall hanging boiler or radiator brand or cut prices, or launched domestic products, in 2016, this trend will continue?
Li Wei predicted that in 2016, or import brands continue to increase market share by means of price cuts. Qing Dongna Biondi Chinese district official Jin Rongfan said, Qing Dongna Biondi will continue to focus on technological upgrading and product quality, enhance performance. Especially with the construction of new factory Chinese Qing Dongna Biondi, production ratio of manufactured products will gradually increase the localization. VAILLANT heating refrigeration Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Jing, marketing manager, said, VAILLANT China will not adjust the price at random, in 2016, VAILLANT is not intended to occupy the market at low prices.

Guess ten: Project heating construction enterprises in the old housing market will be reborn?
In the 2015 market cold winter, the deepest injury is the HVAC enterprise groups; WHO estimates that non - Engineering geothermal heating construction enterprises?. Construction prices have not been high, the project has often been in arrears, leading to part of the project heating construction enterprises completely eliminated, part of the project heating construction, enterprise life and Death online struggle, most enterprises difficult.
In the whole project heating construction industry into confusion, part of the project in the field of ground heating leader in the field found a new opportunity -- the old house in the renovation of comfortable home system installation business. At present, Beijing Yate Weida Technology Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Huayuan HVAC Engineering Co. Ltd., Jilin Province Jin Chao mechanical and electrical equipment installation Co. Ltd. North major installed heating companies are to increase efforts to open up the old housing market, and achieved a breakthrough in the old house new wind field. Some senior people believe that, in the ground heating project new construction area dropped sharply, the old housing market is likely to let the northern project heating construction enterprises get new life.
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